Hi, my name is
Jeremi W. Edwards.

I am a composer working on my PhD at LSU. My muisc draws inspiration from new 21st century composition practices found in, minimalism, Impressionism, and experimental music.

Who am I?

At a very young age I have been enchanted by music. My family loves telling stories of how I could watch Disney’s Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 on repeat all day long along with the Lion King. have been enchanted by the idea of writing symphonies, concertos, and quartets, like those of the masters whose music I most love. I aim to combine refinement and passion, artistry, and imagination. I love telling a story with the musical lines I create. I try in my compositions to carry the listener along fascinating paths, with intriguing surprises, but always with a clear sense of direction and overall proportion. My love for the music created within the Late romantic, impressionistic, and early 20th century periods are echoed within my music. Harmony is a very important expressive dimension for me. I enjoy blurring the lines between tonal non-tonal functioning progressions. I enjoy exploring extreme chromaticism and simplicity of the minimalist school; usually I like to hover between the diatonic and the chromatic worlds, drawing on traditional resources without limiting myself to them. In orchestration, my preference runs to rich but transparent textures. I think it is especially important that an orchestral score be animated. Fragments of counterpoint creating frequent instrumental movement are essential to good orchestration, I place myself in the historical line of composers who have learned to use their creativity and to tell their story. I have written works in several genres to date. Wind Ensemble, String orchestra and more.

Short Bio

Dr. Jeremi W. Edwards is a Louisiana native, Graduate from McNeese State University with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education. Dr. Edwards then graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, with a Master of Music in Theory and Composition where he studied composition with Dr. Quincy Hilliard. Dr. Edwards has recently compleated his PhD in Music Composition program at the Louisiana State University in the studio of Dr. Mara Gibson. Dr. Edwards's Music is a synthesis of his love for neo classical textures and an impressionistic harmonic texture. Dr. Jeremi W. Edwards is an Alumni of Kappa Kappa Psi and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Jeremi Edwards is also the Assistant Corps Director for the Louisiana Stars Drum and Bugle Corps and has recently joined the Arts advisory board for the Cultural Noir Theater Company in San Diego California.


McNeese State University

May 2017| BA in Music with a concentration in Instrumental Education

University of Louisiana as Lafayette

May 2019| MM in Music concentration in Composition

Louisiana State University

May 2022| PhD in Music Composition Graduate minor in Music Theory

All Phots found on the website were taken by Taylor Dizor Photography

All Phots found on the website were taken by Taylor Dizor Photography