Spirit of the Wind

Spirit of the Wind developed out of my interpretation of the wind, and how it interacts with the natural world. The wind has numerous characteristics; the wind can be a calm, summer breeze. The wind can be an ice, cold, jet stream. The wind can be a sweat, soft, gust of warm spring air. In this orchestral piece, my goal was to explore these numerous characteristics and develop those ideas into a musical depiction. The opening A section depicts the calm, and softer side of the Wind. Listen for the breath of the wind, as it blows through the trees as the branches click together. Soon the sweat gust of spring air enters and shifts the color of the ensemble and introduces a new thematic section. Next, the contrasting B section depicts the darker side of the Spirit of the Wind. Known for its power and destruction, the Spirit of the Wind, can wreak havoc on the world in forms of tornados, hurricanes, monsoons, dust storms and more before returning to the opening main A theme.