Welcome to my Collaborations portfolio

Collaboration is a cornerstone of my creative process. I firmly believe that the exchange of ideas and perspectives leads to richer, more dynamic artistic outcomes. Working with fellow musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, and other creatives not only expands the scope of my vision but also injects fresh energy and innovation into my work. Whether it's co-writing a song, collaborating on a film score, or partnering with a visual artist to create multimedia experiences, these collaborations are where magic happens. Each collaborator brings their own unique talents and insights to the table, pushing me to explore new avenues and challenge my own artistic boundaries. Ultimately, it's through these partnerships that my creative vision truly comes to life, transcending individual expression to become something greater than the sum of its parts.

Essence of Water Duet for Flute and Clarinet

This duet is a musical depiction of water. Water has numerous characteristics which I explorethroughout this piece. Think of all the places water can be found. The flowing water of a river is continuous, The rushing water of river rapids, The Tranquil water of a pond, The Shimmering ripples of water

Shine Between US 2020

Residency at the Acadian Center of the Arts Spring 2018

This Colaboration with Riley McCallum’s residency culminated with Issue #1, a Dance performance event. Dancers include George, Madison Graves, Natalie Kojis, and Shelby Moore are performing. Matthew Blanchard.

Seven Missed Calls 2019

Seven Missed Calls

short Film Project that I worked on providing the music for this film.

Producer: Tyler Euper

Writer: Brooke Edler Hebert

Director: Peyton Pellerin

Cast: Shannon Spangler

Music by Jeremi Edwards

Wizard Tank Demo Video game project 2018