Welcome to my Film Score portfolio

My approach to film music is an extension of my broader musical philosophy. When composing for film, I strive to create a sonic landscape that not only complements the visuals but also enhances the emotional impact of the story. Drawing from my eclectic influences, including R&B, Jazz, and Visual Art, I aim to craft a score that is both dynamic and evocative. Whether it's capturing the tension of a suspenseful scene or conveying the heartfelt emotions of a tender moment, my goal is to immerse the audience in the world of the film through the power of music.

Shine between US Spring 2019

Gaze Spring 2020

Spring Death Rebirth Spring 2019

Seven Missed Calls Fall 2018

The Ranger Fall 2018

The Three Fall 2018

The Stick up Fall 2017

The Fight Spring 2018

The Snake Spring 2017

Swamp Shark Spring 2017

The Hike Fall 2016