Essence of Water Duet for Flute and Clarinet

This duet is a musical depiction of water. Water has numerous characteristics which I explorethroughout this piece. Think of all the places water can be found. The flowing water of a river is continuous, The rushing water of river rapids, The Tranquil water of a pond, The Shimmering ripples of water

Shine Between US 2020

Residency at the Acadian Center of the Arts Spring 2018

This Colaboration with Riley McCallum’s residency culminated with Issue #1, a Dance performance event. Dancers include George, Madison Graves, Natalie Kojis, and Shelby Moore are performing. Matthew Blanchard.

Seven Missed Calls 2019

Seven Missed Calls

short Film Project that I worked on providing the music for this film.

Producer: Tyler Euper

Writer: Brooke Edler Hebert

Director: Peyton Pellerin

Cast: Shannon Spangler

Music by Jeremi Edwards

Wizard Tank Demo Video game project 2018